Houses & Extensions

Frames for buildings full of character, built using traditional carpentry, mortices & tenons and pegged joints.

If you are planning a new house or extension, why not base the project on a traditionally jointed timber frame? A timber frames becomes the skeleton on which roof covering, wall cladding, insulation etc are all hung. It then remains visible in the finished building and becomes a 'working feature' for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Some advantages of building like this are:

Flexible Design - the frame stands on just a few major posts, with no requirement for structual members in between. The designer is free to put partitions anywhere desired, to design open plan, or incorporate large areas of glazing.

Speed of Construction - we spend some weeks cutting the frame in our workshop (meanwhile your footings can be going in). Once we arrive on site though, the process is very quick and within a few days you can have a dry shell to complete the rest of the tasks in.

Insulation Values - with the structural requirements taken care of by the timber frame, almost the whole of the wall thickness can be given over to insulation. The latest standard for an insulated wall can be met with an overall thickness of just 250mm (10") leaving you with more space to enjoy inside.